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Green trees, cool water, a gentle breeze...the perfect place to sit at the feet of the Master and learn. Jesus taught so often on the shoreline, and He's still speaking today.

This is where I share the lessons He teaches me, often during the time I spend on the shores of a local lake. I don't have all the answers...and some days I don't have any. But I go here when I need to draw near to Him in a tangible way. Come with me...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finding The Truth - A Post by Christine Wright

You know how sometimes we are amazed at God's timing?  We shouldn't be of course...it's always perfect!  Well, today was one of those days for me.    Fellow blogger and new friend Christine Wright had put up a new blog post on her site Living Joel 2:25 yesterday, but for some reason, it didn't hit my email until today.  That "some reason" was because today was the day I needed to read it.  Today was the day it hit home.

Christine's writing always speaks to my heart, but I was just so moved by today's post I wanted to share...because I'm pretty sure everyone can relate.  Everyone has one of "those prayers".  As she says "The one your heart grows weary of praying."  I probably have 2 or 3 like that. 

Well, here's the link to her post and some wonderful insights about "those prayers".  I hope you're as blessed by it as I was.  Living Joel 2:25.  Check out her site while you're there...she's in the middle of a 5-part series on Lion Chasing that's also wonderful.


  1. Toni, I love that this hit your email at the exact right time! This just dawned on me...I've been groaning about the emails to subscribers not going out (or going out at the "wrong" - ha! - time) due to the whole WordPress transfer, but look how good God is! What might have been considered a mess-up to me, is a blessing to you. : ) God is amazing. Reminds me we just never know how He is working, even if it seems He is not.

    Thanks for posting this! : )

  2. Part of that 'working all things together' idea, huh Christine? :) You're right, we never know how He is working - whether it's regarding answers to prayer or aligning situations and events for His purposes. God bless and thanks for sharing from your heart as always!