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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Diminishing Depression With Healthy Living Strategies - A Guest Post by Nancy Parlette

On occasion, I've shared on the pages of this blog how a family member is struggling with depression.  As I read over the words of wisdom from my guest blogger today, I am excited to share these insights.

Whether or not you suffer from depression, Nancy Parlette's suggestions just make sense for a healthier lifestyle.  So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to my friend, Nancy...author, blogger, speaker, and nutrition educator.

What Every Day Activities Can You Do to Diminish Depression?

I am delighted to be a guest on Toni’s Blog. Since Toni has shared about depression issues in previous posts, she asked me to share what I know from my studies in Nutrition and Natural Health that might help someone dealing with depression.

We are all too familiar with the many physical health issues plaguing our Country, however the emotional ones often stay hidden. Yet there are just as many people battling with emotional troubles such as anxiety, depression, Bipolar, Obsessive/Compulsive behavior and others. The following are some Healthy Living Strategies that can Help Diminish Depression.

Exercise – One of our medical doctors prescribes exercise as a medication for treating emotional illnesses. Daily vigorous exercise is vital because it stimulates serotonin production which is a hormone that helps us feel calm and content.

Exercise gives us a natural high! When we are unhappy or upset one of the best things we can do is go for a walk to help calm our spirit and clear our head. Start small and work up to 30-60 minutes a day of walking/running. Get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. YES, I want you to sweat!! While one can exercise indoors, I highly recommend going outside because then you will get two other very important everyday things to keep you happy and healthy – Fresh air and Sunshine!

Vitamin D is important to our mental health. While we can take supplements, Mother Nature provides it for us naturally from the sun. When we wear sunscreen it inhibits our absorption of vitamin D. If you have sensitive skin, then go out in the early morning or early evening when the sun is not so strong. But by all means get out there for at least 20 minutes of exposing your face and arms.

When you get back from exercising you should be thirsty! Water is another secret to keeping happy. Water refreshes every cell and keeps our brain alert and focused. It helps to detox our body, improves immune function, is a natural laxative, helps us lose fat and if that’s not enough it also helps reduce stress and anxiety! Make sure you drink ½ your body weight in ounces every day. For example if you weigh 160 lbs then you want to drink 80 oz of water or 10 cups a day.

You can be doing all those things but if you aren’t watching what you eat, you could still be sabotaging your health. While there isn’t room to cover all the details, here are a few key points you can apply daily.

Nutrition – The most important thing you can do is begin adding in more fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and healthy omega 3 fats (avocado, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, wild caught salmon, etc.). As you do that, please also begin to cut back on all forms of chemical additives (flavors, colors, sugars, preservatives,pesticides, etc). All of this totally mess with our brains, especially Monosodium glutamate (MSG). Read your labels, it’s in almost everything! Cutting out sugar, caffeine, and alcohol will all have a huge impact on helping you feel better.

All of these harmful ingredients rob your body of much needed vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium and the B vitamins. For a much more extensive coverage of nutrition and physical, emotional, &
spiritual health, please buy my book, The Busy Mom’s 10 Minute Guide to a Healthy Happy Family, and subscribe to my blog and/or invite me to speak! www.nancyparlette.com

Bio – Nancy Parlette is a Motivational Speaker, Nutrition Educator, Life Coach, Author, Wife & Mom. Nancy first became interested in nutrition more than 20 years ago when she began suffering from digestive problems. She went to both the traditional medical doctors and alternative medicine practitioners, but found no solution to the cause of her pain. Finally, she began her own journey of discovery through the avenue of nutrition. She soon found the answers and started a business so she could share with others how they too could transform their health. Nancy has a Masters of Science degree in Human Nutrition and a BA in Sociology. Her goal is to get you excited about living, confident in your purpose and overflowing with vibrant health so you can live it out fully!

Website-www.nancyparlette.com Email- HLS@nancyparlette.com


  1. Excellent blog by Nancy Parlette.

  2. Yes, yes and yes! I love Nancy's matter of fact, helpful philosophy. As one who has struggled with depression, I so know the importance of exercise , fresh air and Hydration- those three really have kept me and journal writing of course! But, also think restorative gentle exercise options in addition to some intense bouts as Nancy suggests, can be integrated for those who need a gentle approach - especially PTSD. I think a variety of different types of exercises helps to keep one from thinking with an all or nothing mentality. In my experience it helped (helps) keep me moving.

  3. The facts you added here are true and really work if we follow them. These tips are easy to follow thanks for sharing.