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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Step of Faith (Part 2)

In an email to a friend about my recent post, A Step of Faith, I recounted the rest of the story and half-joked "this should be part 2". 

But over at Godsizedreams.com this week, they're talking about how we can trust (a resounding theme in my life this year) that God's given us just what we need for those God-sized dreams.  So I've decided I really should share the rest of the story.

As I explained in A Step of Faith, God had miraculously provided all the funds I needed to attend the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference 2 years ago.  And those miracles didn't stop once I arrived.

A woman I had lunch with on the first day of the conference came to me a day or two later and said "God laid it on my heart that there might be materials you'd like to purchase from the conference.  I wanted to give you $20 to help."

I laughed and explained I had done the proverbial "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul" in order to purchase some books - and the total was $19.81!  Her gift allowed me to cover the money I had risked spending.

An online devotional site picked up the only two devotions I'd brought with me.  And months later, a contact I made there would offer me another devotion writing job.

Then I won the unpublished writer's competition with a prize of a 50% scholarship for the following year.

It was an amazing experience for this novice!

Fast forward to the following June.

My financial status hadn't changed except to get worse.  Once again I debated long and hard about attending the conference.  Not so much because I doubted my writing ability at this point, but because I had no idea where the other 50% would come from.

Still, I hated the idea of letting the scholarship go unused.

Back and forth, back and forth...I racked my brain as to how I could make it all work. 

How I could make it all work.  When did it ever become up to me?

God had provided every step of the way the last time.  Everything I needed to make the dream a reality. Why would this year be any different?

Philippians 4:6 admonishes us "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." (emphasis mine)

The previous month, the radio station I work for was bought out.  For the first time in years, employees were offered the opportunity to attend, free of charge, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association conference in Atlantic City.  While it was a generous offer, I saw nothing in the curriculum applicable to copy writers, so I elected to hold down the fort and work out of the office.

The business manager, who had also stayed behind, looked surprised to see me.  "Why aren't you at the conference?"  I explained the situation and then said there was a writer's conference at the end of July I was hoping to attend.

His response floored me. "Well, are we paying for that?  We should be."

When my boss returned from the conference I made a beeline into his office with my request based on the Business Manager's suggestion.  He agreed.  In fact, he agreed to not only pick up the other half of the registration costs, but the cost of meals and the room.  Once again all my expenses were covered.

Only God.

This year, I've put another request before God.  I'd love to attend the She Speaks conference in July.  It's three times the cost of the Philadelphia conference, and that 'ol financial situation remains the same.

A chance conversation just this week led to the offer of free lodging if I can get there.

Psalm 37:4 says "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."

This year, I'm resting in Him.  There's no racking my brain on how to get there.  If God wants me to attend, He will make a way.

He's given me a dream to reach out to my community and show them His love through practical acts of service. He's allowed me to write about it.  And I believe He wants me to speak about it, to encourage others to take the ideas and run with them so they can change their little corners of the world.

I believe that He's equipping me for this God-sized dream.  I'm not sure if this conference is part of that process or not, but I know if it is, He will once again be faithful to provide.


  1. Just now having a chance to stop here and read...what an AMAZING story! Praying with you and for you about She Speaks!!

  2. God has certainly done some cool things in my life Kristin. I love watching Him work :) Thanks for the prayers!!

  3. Hi Toni! Thanks for popping by my planner post, and leaving a comment, because I remembered I wanted to come here to read a post I saw with two swans on it coming through my feeds. Then I checked to see if it was the right post, as the swan pic was not here... but obviously I am meant to read this post! I am emotional as I read this realizing I am not the only one who wants to attend this conference , without the means. And I do believe it would be wonderful to get to meet, hug and maybe a coffee chat or time with you. I had a local friend offer me transportation to and from airport and to conference and place to stay! But that leaves airfare and conference fee. And my faith seems small lately as so much in my life seems to weigh in the balance ...I was hopeful but I think I have laid aside the whole writing conference thing. So many want to go. It seems impossible for me. My best friend actually also contacted She Speaks on my behalf to see if there were scholarships! I think she believes in me more than I do! Anyhow, will add prayers for your ability to go. Hoping we can meet someday! Oh, btw I am hosting and (in)RL at my house, if you want to come. You can bring a friend who won't want to drive... not mentioning names. Smiles!

  4. Hi Dawn-thanks for stopping by. The two swans weren't an actual post. I maintain a FB page for the blog with the same name and this year I've begun posting just a picture I've taken of nature along with a verse to match. I was just thinking yesterday that I've seen no movement on this front and that perhaps it just won't happen, but I've rarely seen God put things in place in my time LOL. In fact, I'll have to share about how He arranged things for a Gospel Music Assoc conference I attended many years ago - another crazy step of faith that was! The She Speaks web site says they have no scholarships as of right now, but if God wants us there, it will happen regardless. Yes, I'd love to meet - and I signed up to attend an (in)RL around here, but no one is currently hosting. I can speak to the driving resistant friend and see if we can't truly meet up at a "beach" house!! :)