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Green trees, cool water, a gentle breeze...the perfect place to sit at the feet of the Master and learn. Jesus taught so often on the shoreline, and He's still speaking today.

This is where I share the lessons He teaches me, often during the time I spend on the shores of a local lake. I don't have all the answers...and some days I don't have any. But I go here when I need to draw near to Him in a tangible way. Come with me...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

From Praise to Praise Revisited

The crowd sang hosannas on Palm Sunday, the disciples were ecstatic over a risen Savior on Easter Sunday...but in between was a week that got ugly.  The crowds cried crucify him, the disciples hid.

When things look bleak, don't lose hope.  When all appears lost, remember we serve a RISEN Savior!

From Praise to Praise

Palms laid down
On the ground
People join the joyous chant

Songs of praise
Hosannas raised
The King arrives triumphant

Passover meal
The deed revealed
Judas takes his leave

Anguished prayer
The cup He'll bear
All sin Christ will receive

Judas betrays
A kiss he lays
Upon the cheek of Jesus

Peter denies
Three times, then cries
He knows his sin is grievous

The guards mock
Chief priests lock
Forces against this man

Pilate abstains
The crowd complains
So he gives in to their plan

"Crucify Him"
"Crucify Him"
Replace last Sunday's praise

Whipped flesh torn
Crowned with thorns
Upon the cross Christ is raised

"Remember me"
Is one man's plea
Although the other scorns

"Into your hands"
The end, as planned
The temple curtain torn

Three days He's gone
And then at dawn
The stone is rolled away

No body here
Alive, it's clear
All praise this Resurrection day!

By Toni Campbell  All rights reserved

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